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Calling All Writers

Hello everyone,

I’m continuing with my research into the effect that blogging is having on modern day writing. I’ve already gathered some very interesting information from my survey and many thanks again to everyone for their help.

I’m now arranging interviews with writers, bloggers & publishers in order to get opinions on the effect that blogging is having  on writers. If you’re interested is sharing your experiences, ideas or opinions then I’d love to hear from you. I’m interested in finding out how bloggers feel about blogging and the effects that it is having on their careers.  I’ll post the interview on my blog and credit all of your opinions as your own.

If you’re interested please leave a comment after this post or email me at: olearyac1@gmail.com

I look forward from hearing from you.




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Reading as a writer

Enjoy the story

Why can’t I read a story for its purpose? Why does everything need to be dissected? This has been something that has been troubling me recently. I’ve been reading ‘How to Write a Novel’ books and reading quite extensively. I’ve been doing this to help me with my novel. These have their value in helping with structuring my own work. However, I’ve been wondering about whether or not I’m removing the joy of a creative work by reducing it to a formula to be studied.  

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