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Shaking the System

burning paper 02


Bill is a male in his mid-thirties meticulous in his grooming and conservative in shirt and tie. Fred has dishevelled hair and looks moderately unkempt but passable by regular office standards.


So can you believe she ate that?


Well 50 grand. You wouldn’t?


I just don’t get why people would do anything for…

Sharron, mid-thirties woman who is attractive and out-of-place in office dress. She walks past Bill and Fred. She smiles in a subtle yet flirtatious way at Bill. He avoids eye contact.

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85 richest people as wealthy as poorest half of the world


We live in a time of the greatest expansion in technology, healthcare, education and innovation that the world has ever seen. We flap wildly like the fabled Icarus with Green-house gases threatening to melt the wax. However, we soldier on, we innovate, we adapt like we have always done before. It is our ability to adapt and unify in the face of common danger that has allowed us to adapt and regenerate ourselves as a race and a species. It is no accident that the human race is the one that has dominated society. However, though much greatness has been accomplished and evolution has led to advancement there has always been a primitive avaricious gloom to the species as well.

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Istanbul: A City of Paradoxes


I feel like a re-ignition of this blog has been long overdue and I’ve finally found the time and inspiration. I was in Istanbul for the New Year and found that the celebration in the main square there is devoid of a countdown. Instead the festivities consisted of one lone cheerer who caused a ripple effect across the crowd. This was followed approximately thirty seconds later by fireworks. It struck me as very usual how a festival which revolves around the celebration of time could be so badly, as it were, timed. However, I came to realise during my time in Istanbul that this was just one of many paradoxes that coloured the city’s streets.

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