About Me

I’m a nomadic writer and teacher with an interest in social consciousness. I’m Irish by birth and it was the land that I spent my childhood. However, it’s not really a place that I have called ‘Home’ for the last number of years. I don’t really have a particular place that I do call home, but home is wherever I lay my head.

My writing – like the rest of my life – is coloured by where I am at the moment and the people around me. I write about anything or anyone that grabs my attention at a given moment. In some ways my writing is a way of expressing what I see around me. Though I would stop short of saying that this is all the work is about. I don’t write exact accounts of what is around me. Instead, I would say that I write my own interpretations of the world around me.

This blog is designed to be a combination of observations, my ideas on writing & some short pieces of my work. My observations are about my experiences and what I see in the various environments that I find myself within. What I share about writing are the various elements that excite or worry me about the process and the purpose of being a fictional writer. The short pieces will be – needless to say – about my fictional interpretations of the world around me.

Hope that you enjoy reading a bit about the journey. I’m always open to feedback or comments. People are what interest me, so your opinion is always welcome!


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