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Blogging – A public Diary?

Blogging - Diary

Is blogging a way of publically expressing yourself in lieu of a more traditional form, such as a diary? I’ve written before about the nature of blogging and what blogging has done to the written word. However, the more I blog – I’ve recently had my two year anniversary on WordPress – the more I feel like it’s become some form of literary and public form of writing down thoughts and feelings.

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Religion & Education: Paradoxical Ideologies?  

Paradoxical Ideologies 2Versus  Paradoxical Ideologies 1

Can religion and education ever truly live symbiotically? I’m working again at a school with a strong Catholic Ethos and it also values knowledge and education. But, by definition, religion is built on ‘faith’ a concept whereby you unquestionably believe in what you are told. Whereas education is built on inquiring and probing the status quo in order to increase knowledge. Similarly, religion has tradition at its foundations while education is founded on innovation. Therefore, does it stand that both are fundamentally conflicting?

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