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Inanity of Prejudice

Your skin’s shade is different,

But feels the same to touch.

Your words sound strange,

But you express them the same.


Your eyes look unusual,

But they still bare your soul.

Your parts are dissimilar,

But you feel the same way.


Your attire is odd,

But it still expresses you.

Your customs are peculiar,

But you still seek acceptance.


Your desires are different,

But you still desire love.

You have Gods,

But we both seek meaning.


Your differences are many,

And yet minor.

Your similarities are immeasurable,

And yet paltry?



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Living Outside Yourself

Einstein famously postulated that ‘a person starts to live when he can live outside himself’. In theory, this is a very true and intuitive statement. In practical terms though, it seems a rather impossible one – to not follow. Surely, we rarely exist within ourselves long past the initial stages of life.

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