Life without Language


I once again find myself in an unfamiliar place with a language that I do not understand. This is not something that is new to me, but it has gotten me thinking about how far one can get without using language. It is not – nor never was – my forte. Though I have improved on my ability to pick up languages I have not improved as much as I probably should have. However, what I have improved on over the years is my ability to read body language. This has proved a very useful skill to acquire.

It has led me to be able to do so much when I don’t have the words to express myself. It is amazing how many of the simple things that we do on an everyday basis such as, ordering food, shopping and so forth can be conducted just as easily – in most cases – without the use of language. We can easily get our points across without using language at all. We just need to be open to the global gestures of expression that Homo sapiens have been using long before language became a necessary device in communication.

When one is forced to get by without language you realise how little it is necessary for in your everyday life. This is a strange thought coming from a writer but, it is nonetheless a true one. It really helps you see the world in a different way when you communicate without using language at all. I suppose that in some ways it’s a going ‘back to basics’. That said it’s pretty impossible to have discussions about abstract ideas without language. But, it is nice to get by sometimes without your words and instead to rely on your gestures.


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