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Art as Communal Chaos

Carnival 1 (1)

I went to ‘Carnaval’ in Santa Cruise De Tenerife recently and decided to conduct an artistic social experiment. Art by its very nature, traditionally, – like writing – is a deeply personal, isolated and meticulous process. An individual, or group, sets out to plan, draft and perfect something that is then brought to the public for critique. My intention was to turn this concept on its head with a simple question: can art be created without a plan, talent or indeed any direction? It was with this question in mind that I set about preparing my ‘costume’ for the Carnaval.

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Life without Language


I once again find myself in an unfamiliar place with a language that I do not understand. This is not something that is new to me, but it has gotten me thinking about how far one can get without using language. It is not – nor never was – my forte. Though I have improved on my ability to pick up languages I have not improved as much as I probably should have. However, what I have improved on over the years is my ability to read body language. This has proved a very useful skill to acquire.

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