Acts of Kindness


If there was one thing that I would say was the same the world over then it would be this: people are generally helpful and kind. It seems a bit contrived and arguably idealistic; however, in my experience, it has been proven accurate. Perhaps it is exemplified by the fact that I find myself the lost foreigner more often the most. I end up moving to new countries with a basic grasp of the language and the culture. Therefore, I am forced to ask for help a great deal.

My philosophy is that I’m an adult male with little money; therefore, I don’t really think there is much room for exploitation. For this reason, I’ve gotten myself into some very potentially precarious situations over the last number of years. To gloss over but a few, getting into strangers cars, drinking with them or sleeping at their houses. I’ve done this in various cities and countries that are totally unfamiliar to me. On the surface these seem like pretty dangerous and risky situations.

Though the realisation I always reach is always the same. People, in general, do want to help if you put a bit of trust in them. There’s far too much fear in the world these days. It is true that crime – as always – exists. However, deep down – barring sadists – most people are willing to help somebody along their way. And it doesn’t always mean that they are looking for something in return. I think that most people I’ve met follow the philosophy that: ‘When we remove empathy, all that is left is a spiteful husk.’

To all those random people that have helped me survive over the years. I appreciate it!


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