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I’ve been going through a stage of writer’s block for the last couple of weeks now. I’ve just had no real motivation to write anything. At first I was putting it down to the fact that I’ve started a new job and have been stressed about it. But that’s never really stopped me from writing before. The more I think about it, the more I think that location is at the heart of the problem.

I’m currently living in a small relaxed surfing town with a bohemian atmosphere. It’s a really calm and relaxed place to live. Even though I enjoy it, I can’t help but feel a lack of motivation to write. I don’t feel any inspiration around me. Then I started to realise why. I’ve been living in cities for the last number of years. The noise, the crowds, the chaos, the rudeness and most importantly the people; these are the things that I’m used to. These are the things I need when I write. I require life around me to write. Seeing people and imagining their stories, watching the ways people interact with each other. It’s like the world around me is my muse, even if it has nothing to do with what I’m writing about at the time.

And here I am in a quiet paradise and I can’t find any motivation to write anything. It’s like the opposite of how writing is always portrayed. I can’t help thinking of the clique of the writer who needs isolation and solitude to write. I can honestly say this is the opposite of what I need. I’m moving to a city in less than two weeks and for the sake of my writing I honestly can’t wait. Hopefully the noise and the concrete bring the creativity back with them.



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  1. It’s a tricky one is that. I have the block sometimes, and I am never quite sure why – tiredness perhaps. I sometimes find that the best thing to do is to try and ‘write through’ it. Good kluck!


    • I know what you mean David. I’ve been trying to get myself into the mindset today, and I think it’s been helping somewhat. It’s strange the way certain stimuli really make a difference though…

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  4. karen

    Good thing you didn’t hang out in Old Green Hall for very long! but the again, maybe the unique madness of all the different people there made a difference!
    I always felt that being in such a quiet paradise meant that it was harder to write about since it suddenly became much more personal. Having more space and time around your own feelings and thoughts means that it’s harder to express anything. with all the noise and crowds around, suddenly everything seems safer as you may have more opportunity to express the thoughts of the many rather than your own???! But i could be talking rubbish there since I am certainly not much of a writer!

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