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Technology – The Opiate of the Masses?

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John Lennon lamented that we are kept ‘doped with religion and sex and TV,’ forty-plus years ago. However – it seems like the evolution of everything – our opiate of choice has been strengthened and  purified.  Are we now doped by technology instead?

I am fully aware of the irony of such a statement – given my use of it as a medium of expression. However, it’s difficult to deny the role that it plays in the lives of many. There is innumerable, often scaremongering, but more-often-then-not accurate research into the dangers that the internet poses to the youth of our society. Issues such as bullying, sexual, verbal abuse and so forth have been dealt with extensively elsewhere so I shall overlook them here.

The area that I’m interested in exploring here is how technological advancements have repeatedly evolved past our abilities to comprehend them or develop as a species to keep up, as it were.

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