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A Diary of a Narcissist


I’m not the kind of person that makes friends easily. Relationships for me have rarely past that lustful initial stage. And bosses have always managed to wear on my patience due to their inflated self-worth.

My psychologist – mandated by my most recent attempt at employment – would say I’m suffering from NPD. It’s the term they use to tear down those who dare to assume they are worth more than they are valued at. Isn’t it more likely though that I’m suffering from the absurdity, ignorance and emotional penury of those around me?

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The Writer’s World: An Inky Mist?

Does life become more or less meaningful if the world and everyone in it are possible fictional subject matter? Since setting up this blog I’ve been thinking more than ever about this question. As a writer you instinctively go through life looking for inspiration in the world around you. It’s a natural process and one that you don’t get a choice in. Well that’s the way that it is for me anyway. Everyone I meet is a potential character and everything I see could have a place in my fiction.

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