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A Bridge

Darkness. Nothingness. Meek words. Yet thoughts that are capable of striking fear in the greatest of men.

The bridge is only a few more streets away.

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Hopeless Faith




A large crucifix hangs at the back of the stage. A long wooden bench stretches across the stage. A simple alter stands between the bench & the crucifix. A priest enters. He is a crouched-over old man with short, balding white hair and big Coke-Bottle glasses. He walks across the stage, blesses himself, genuflects and then sits on the bench facing the crucifix.

PRIEST: Good evening my Lord. I hope this day finds you well indeed like all the others.

[Takes out a napkin and wipes some sweat from his brow.]

PRIEST: This hot weather is not for the old I fear. It creeps into the blood and seems to accumulate there. It’s days like these that you miss those blissful days of youth. Those days when one could embrace the warmth in one’s heart without being overwhelmed by it. Ah, but sure those days are long gone from us now.

[His face curls into a boyish smile, and he supresses a giggle]

PRIEST: Mind you, the past did catch up to me today, all told. Well not so much ‘caught up’ more like found me again. I –

[A creak is heard, not unlike a door opening. PRIEST looks around checking for people.]

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