Barcelona – Gaudi’s Practicality of Beauty

Gaudi 1

Perhaps the only thing more amazing then the striking architecture of Gaudi’s Casa Batlló is the fact that it was for all purposes just that – a casa! Josep Batlló and his family commissioned Gaudi to build a house – a distinctive house granted – but a house nonetheless. It was a house they lived in until their deaths and remained in the family for nearly twenty years afterwards. It’s an impressive example of how art can be both breathtaking and have a pragmatic purpose. It also exemplifies Gaudi’s genius, the fact that he was capable of producing a perfect marriage of spectacle and home.

So much of art is designed to be revered, locked away in museums and fortified from consumption without basis.

But Casa Batlló epitomizes the polar opposite. It shows that artistic brilliance and beauty can be embodied in the everyday. Well, possibly everyday is a tad exaggerated – then again people used it for their everyday lives. They went to work and school and returned home to live in the architectural masterpiece.

It stands on a regular street – and yes it looms high – but its still a part of that street.

It shows us that beauty is everywhere and everything can have a multitude of purposes even high art and practicality!

Gaudi 2


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