A Note from a Child

 An insight into the hypocrisy of adulthood.

You tell me to share as you clutch your purse tighter when a dirty, homeless hand reaches out.

You tell me to get along with others as you build the fence with the neighbours higher.

You tell me to use my words as you throw the hammer when it hurts your hand.

You tell me never to lie as you tell Mom that the wind broke her favourite dog figurine.

You tell me to be polite and kind as you swear at other drivers on the motorway.

You tell me to respect my teachers and elders as you call your boss stupid and ignore Grandpa’s phone calls.

You tell me that violence is never the answer as you say how important the war on terror is.

You tell me a lot of things a child must do. How old do I need to be so I don’t need to do any of these things anymore?

How can we hope for better from those who come after us if we never show them?


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Filed under Fictional Pieces, Observations

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