Te Iubesc – A Love Poem

Te Iubesc

I am by no means a poet. Though I have a great interest in poetry. I wanted to share with everyone a little poem I put together for my girlfriend on her birthday. I hope you enjoy.

Te Iubesc

Pentru Gabi


Simple in feeling,

But words,

Disintegrate, sandy against

Concrete emotion.


You, my opiate,

Control dissipates,

Seeps through the arid, released

We entwine.


You, my release,

Bliss nullifies,

Etherised past pains, free,

Delight reigns.


You, my craving,

Vices fade,

Adrift in a salty former, fresh,

You revive me.


You, my soul,

Angelic, pure,

Welcome a renewed realm, new,

Essence you are of me.

By A.C.


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