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I’ve been thinking more and more about publishing recently; which is strange since I currently have nothing anywhere near publication standards. Yet it seems to be something that needs to always be on your mind as a writer. The entire purpose of writing is to get your work out there and get people reading it. So it seems to stand to logic that how you go about getting your work out there needs to be of central importance. There is a wealth of articles suggesting the best or easiest or newest ways of getting your work published. The general consensus is to self-publish or publish as an e-book.  But where has the physical hardback book gone?

I can’t help but feel somewhat nostalgic for the traditional routes into publishing which are dying out. I now consume all of my music and film digitally but – though I own a Kindle – I still much prefer having a book to read. I just don’t want to face the idea that it is being overtaken. When I do get to the point of having something that I want to publish then it’s most likely that I will be going down the road of self-publishing in one form or another. Even though I do find that sad in some ways I also know logically that there are tremendous advantages to self-publishing.

As an author you have much more creative control when you self-publish. You are able to bring your work straight to the public without having to deal with big-business publishing companies and what they want to make your ‘product’ into. You are the one that gets much more control and essentially the final say on your work. And it is quite difficult to argue against this point.

I think, as a writer, the move to e-books and self-publishing will be something that is brilliantly important and positive. However, as a reader I will always prefer the physical hardback novel. Perhaps I will eventually find some balance in between the two.


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