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The cost of the typed word


So everyone, I’m starting a project about writers blogging and the potential for devaluation of intellectual property. I think that this must be an issue at the back of every blogger writers mind. We blog for exposure, for pleasure and to connect with people; this seems needless to say. Further, not everything we produce could be said to have a monetary value – this project for example which I am completing for my MA. However, where then, as writers, do we draw the line? That short story you’ve been working on? The novel you’ve just given the final proofread to? The screenplay you’re struggling to find an agent for? Should you post it online for free? Why? Why not?

I think that we all have our own ideas of where exposure – literary or otherwise – turns from the golden tan to sunstroke. In the coming weeks I’ll be delving deeper down the rabbit-hole and asking bloggers and writers how they tread the tightrope between what they should give away and what they expect payment for.

I’m more than happy to hear anyone’s views on this matter so feel free to comment on the post, send me an email: olearyac1@gmail.com or ask for a questionnaire if that helps.


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The Story as an Organism

Story organism

I know this may seem strange, but to me a story is like an organism. It’s alive in itself. I’ve been thinking a lot more about this concept in my work. I don’t feel like I am the person that controls the world, in a way. I’m the one that designs it. However, it’s not really my decision what the characters actually do in the world that I give them. I’m aware of the hypocrisy & ludicrous nature of such a statement. Though, it seems like the most honest way that I can describe the process for me as a writer.

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On Publishing


I’ve been thinking more and more about publishing recently; which is strange since I currently have nothing anywhere near publication standards. Yet it seems to be something that needs to always be on your mind as a writer. The entire purpose of writing is to get your work out there and get people reading it. So it seems to stand to logic that how you go about getting your work out there needs to be of central importance. There is a wealth of articles suggesting the best or easiest or newest ways of getting your work published. The general consensus is to self-publish or publish as an e-book.  But where has the physical hardback book gone?

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